Between butare trading center and mashonga in kyamuhunga Sub County are the amazing tea estates that provide a very beautiful and attractive atmosphere for the photo lovers. The richness of the tea depends on two people and that is the one who picks the leaves from the garden and one who brews it. There are quite a number of tea estates which include;·         Igara tea growers’ factory in butare which was the very first established and hence the oldest tea shop that is at the gateway of the factory. The tea shop has a display of the various tea packets and it does provide a taste of hot tea.·         Igara tea Growers factory·         Ankole tea estate·         Global village tea factory·         Swaziland tea company·         Russell tea factory ·         kyamuhunga tea company·         Mashonga tea estates are the biggest in kyamuhunga sub-countyActivities carried out involve·         Nature walks ·         Tea processing which involves cultivation, leaf collection, fermentation, drying and tasting the different samples.