Chief Administrative Officer

I welcome you to the Website of Bushenyi District Local Government.

As head of Bushenyi District Public Service and Accounting Officer, I take the honor to highlight on the following issues; Local revenue enhancement, progress of the implementation of second Phase NAADS programme, and HIV/AIDS in the district.

As you are all aware, Bushenyi Local Government was one of the best districts in local revenue collection, until the time when government suspended Graduated Tax. As a result, the district revenue tremendously shrunk, which to some extent affected the implementation of some of the district’s programmes.

First, the district leadership has devised means of enhancing local revenue collection to push ahead the implementation of district programmes.

Consultations were done with different district stakeholders, and a Revenue Enhancement Plan was put in place. In this plan, strategies for revenue enhancement are highlighted.
The district appreciates continued government’s efforts to support Bushenyi district local government, financially and materially through Graduated Tax compensation and other grants.

The broad objectives of the revenue enhancement plan are;

  • To create awareness among communities on the service delivery offered to them, in relation to payment of local taxes.
  • To widen the district revenue base with new revenue sources.
  • To collect and process data to ascertain the actual collection.
  • To make reserve prices for each revenue source.
  • To provide a conducive environment for our revenue collectors.
  • To identify strategies that can reduce constraints/challenges which hinder revenue collection and management? 

I look forward to working with all the district stakeholders, to ensure the fulfillment of the above objectives for the good of our district.
Secondly, on the progress of the implementation of NAADS Phase Two in the district, the programme is progressing well.

  • Competent professionals have already been contracted as Sub county NAADS Coordinators, and other two Service providers, one for livestock and another for crop.
  • At village level, 64 parishes in the eleven sub counties including the Municipality are already sensitized on the guidelines on NAADS phase Two.
  • Disbursement of NAADS funds is already done to all the Sub Counties.
  • Formation of Village Farmers’ Forum and selection of Food Security enterprises are already done.
  • NAADS Farmer groups and various committees are in place to manage the component of food security.
  • Selection of Food Security beneficiaries is ongoing in all the Sub Counties.
  • Procurement of Food Security items is also on going. 

This phase seeks among others to promote Food Security, Nutrition and House hold income at household level. I therefore appeal to every adult of 18 years and above to join NAADS Farmer groups for your own, as well as collective benefit.

The above mentioned to be implemented, one needs to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Allow me to remind you that, HIV/AIDS epidemic is still a killer disease. It has caused a devastating impact on Uganda, Bushenyi inclusive.  The deadly disease has significantly lowered the life expectancy, and reduced the country’s labour force. It has also affected our Agricultural output, threatening food security, weakened educational and Health services and left behind a million orphaned children among others.

According to the new statistics, the deadly epidemic disease burden has of recent reached 8.31 percent in Bushenyi district.