1..THE FAMOUS KABAGARAME PORK MARKET Located in ruharo ward, Buashenyi –ishaka municipality off Bushenyi –Mbarara highway about 1 km from the main road.The market started 24 years ago in 1995. It was started by two gentlemen, John Barugahare and Nshemereirwe Paulino who were popular butchers in the area then. They built only one hut but overtime several huts have been raised in the same area. The word Kabagarame came from one of the enthusiastic who was a strong man called Beitomwe Muraahi known as Kamurye whose popular saying gave this place a name never to be forgotten. He used to say “abantu kubaramarekulya empunu baze omukyishayi bagarame” which literally means that after people have enjoyed pork they should go in the football pitch putting up their stomachs and relax while facing the sky. The number started to increase slowly by slowly and what started as a simple village meeting turned into a fully-fledged weekly happening place for groups of friends, civil servants who work in the local government of bushenyi ,families and other people who come from as far as from Kampala, kabale, Mbarara and all over the country who cometogether and feast on pork every single saturday. The main motive of all the people is to come and enjoy pork. However, there is market vending taking place and one is able to see lots of people selling different items starting from animals especially rabbits, hens and other petty things at slightly cheaper prices. A beer goes for 3,000shs, Tonto local brewed beer at 4,000shs which is served in Uganda waragi bottles, a bottle of soda at 1500, a kilogram of pork at 15,000shs, matooke at 2,000shs and karo (mingled millet at 2,000shs Kabagarme is a place to be indeed if you have not been there is a lot you are missing out.2. relax country resort in nyakabirizi division,bushenyi-ishaka municipality.