THE FAMOUS KABAGARAME PORK PALACEKabagarame simply means when people have eaten and drank are satistified they just lie down while facing the sky relaxing. It is famous for pork. It started as a collection of grass thatched huts where a group of friends, civil servants who work in the local government of bushenyi would meet and enjoy roasted pork and “kyikalaya”relax on Saturdays. The number started to increase slowly by slowly and what started as a simple village meeting turned into a fully-fledged weekly happening place for all civil servants, cooperate managers and families who come from as far as kampala, kabale, mbarara and all over the country. The main motive of all the people is to come and enjoy pork. However other different kinds of meat have been introduced at the area for diversification that is to say chicken and goats meat.However, there is market vending taking place and one is able to see lots of people selling different items starting from animals especially rabbits, hens and other petty things at slightly cheaper prices. Kabagarme is a place to be indeed if you have not been there is a lot you are missing out.      ACCOMMODATION Bushenyi has got very fascinating and comfortable accommodation facilities such as hotels, restaurants, lodges and many more others. These include Tuzza hotel that has spectacular gardens that are very attractive, significant and at the same time breathe taking. TUZZA HOTEL BUSHENYI  SOCIAL SERVICESThese include hospitals (KIU Hospital, Ishaka Adventist Hospital), banks (DFCU, Centenary, stanbic, equity, etc) schools and bushenyi district has got a record of having well organized UPE and USE schools in the whole country. This is evidenced by the DEO of bushenyi local government. Other services are saloons, garages,  KIU HOSPITAL ISHAKA