The new CAO Malik Mahabba holds the first TPC


The new Chief Administrative Officer Bushenyi,Malik Mahabba has warned the Bushenyi district technical officers on participating in politics saying that those who wish to participate in politics should retire and join politics honorably.

Malik Mahabba was addressing the district Technical Planning Committee members today in the district council hall.

He said that technical officers have come up to openly participate in politics, to the extent that some work as political agents to candidates, which he said is against the public service standing orders.

He reminded public servants of observing working hours and dressing diligently while at work, adding that, civil servants should be good example in smartness to the rest of people they serve.

Malik Mahabba joined Bushenyi district July this year, replacing Elias Byamungu who was transferred to Rukungiri district.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019