Bushenyi District receives Maize Seed from OWC


Bushenyi District has been supplied with twelve thousand kilogrammes of maize seed from NAADS under Operation Wealth Creation programme for this planting season.

 The district officials received the seed recently at the district headquarters, and all the sub counties in the district are to benefit.

Jafari Basajabalaba the district Chairperson Bushenyi hailed government for supplying the seed early, unlike the past seasons where the seed would be supplied late.

The Chief Administrative Officer Bushenyi, Malik Mahabba thanked government for the consignment, saying that government is determined to improve the livelihoods and incomes of the people, plus addressing the food security problem.

He however cautioned the maize seed distributors in the sub counties to ensure that the farmers receive the seed but not to divert it to their selfish needs.

Kamwezi Patrick, the Senior Agriculture Officer Bushenyi said that the maize seed received is hybrid, and the amount distributed to the lower local government depends on the number of parishes within that sub county.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019