Bushenyi District Overview

Bushenyi District is a district in Western Uganda. Like many other Ugandan districts, it is named after its chief town, Bushenyi, where the district headquarters are located.

Bushenyi District is bordered by Rubirizi District to the northwest, Buhweju District to the northeast, Sheema District to the east, Mitooma District to the south and Rukungiri District to the west.[1] The largest town in the district, Ishaka, is located 75 kilometres (47 mi), by road, northwest of Mbarara, the largest city in the sub-region. The coordinates of the district are:00 32S, 30 11E.

Prior to 2010, Bushenyi District is one of the most western of Uganda's districts, by location. It covered an area of approximately 4,292.5 square kilometres (1,657.3 sq mi), of which 8.6% was open water, 2.2% was wetland and 18.3% was protected national forest reserve.

All that changed on 1 July 2010 when, by Act of Parliament, the old Bushenyi district was split into five new smaller districts, namely: (a) Buhweju District (b) Busheny District; new and smaller (c) Mitooma District (d) Rubirizi District and (e) Sheema District. The map shown above reflects the district before 2010. The district is part of the larger Ankole sub-region, consisting of nine districts, and home to an estimated 2.2 million Banyankole in 2002, according to the national census conducted at that time.